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The Bevier Family Coat of Arms

Bevier Coat of ArmsDESCRIPTION: Gules, a chevron or, charged with a Maltese cross of the first, between three geese of the second. Geese signify a man of many resources.

CREST: A goose or, facing sinister

MANTLING: Gules and or

MOTTO: "Deum Verere" - "Truth in God"*

COLORS: Gules - Red, Or - Gold

SINISTER: To the right of the viewer, the left of the wearer

MANTLING: The tattered helmet cloth of the knight fancifully draping the shield in points and dags

CREST: The boiled leather symbol of each knight attached to his helmet to identify him in pageants

*This is a loose translation.
Wade, William Cecil. The Symbolisms of Heraldry.



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