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From the History of Ulster County, 1880

Capt. Abraham Elting 1785 - 1859

Capt. Abraham Elting Capt. Abraham Elting was born Dec. 29, 1785, in the town of New Paltz (now Lloyd), Ulster Co., N.Y. He descends in direct line as follows: from, 1st, Jan Elting; 2d, his eldest son, Roelof Elting; 3d, his eldest son, Roelof J. Elting; 4th, his son, Josiah Elting; 5th, his eldest son, Abraham Elting; 6th, his son, Noah, who was the father of the subject t of this sketch.

For many years Capt. Abraham Elting was engaged in the freighting business at New Paltz landing. He began it in early life, before the days of barges and steamboats. His sloop sailed every Saturday for New York, having accommodations for passengers as well as freight. The farmers for a large section of country, extending to and beyond the Shawangunk Mountains in the west, and in the broad agricultural region lying between it and the Hudson River, extending northward and southward, contributed their freight to Capt. Elting’s line. He was the trusted agent of all this population, made up of the descendants of the sturdy Holland and Huguenot settlers, for taking to market their products of every kind, to be sold by him, and the money returned therefor on the return trip. All the financial transactions of that fine productive region were more or less connected with Capt. Elting’s commercial business. Immense sums of money for those days were distributed by him weekly to his patrons, which was done with scrupulous integrity, and with an amenity that endeared hi to all his patrons. His earnestness and devotion to their interests made him great favorite with them all. The sphere in which he moved was no ordinary one. It was necessary for him to have much business with banks at Poughkeepsie. He was well and favorable known to all the bankers in that city. His esteemed probity and integrity of character rendered it easy for him to command all the facilities his business demanded. In every enterprise connected with the development of the business of his locality and surrounding country he gave a helping hand. In private life and family relations he exhibited the most sterling traits of character.

He married Betsey Ransom, daughter of Joseph and Phoebe Ransom, who was born March 27, 1790. The will of his esteemed wife, who was a most exemplary lady, was the law of his house, and there reigned paramount the highest considerations that paternal regard for their children could demand. They were bred to a high tone of moral obligation, and the highest principles of honor were instilled, which bore fruit as they grew to years of maturity. His memory is still fragrant, and his name is ever mentioned as a type of the old patriarchal period, when honesty, purity of heart and purpose placed men in the first rank in the community.

He died July 3, 1859. His wife died Jan. 7, 1851. They had seven children, viz.: Noah, Milton, Phoebe Ann, Luther, Albert, Mary Eleanor, and John Jay. Phoebe Ann, widow of Dr. Dewitt Hasbrouck, Mary Eleanor, wife of Ezekiel S. Elting, and Luther, whose biography appears in this work, are the only members of the family living.

Note: Some of the genealogical information appears to be incorrect.

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