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Military History Submission Form

Grace (Elting) Castle
PO Box 2981 
Eugene, OR 97402

Grace Elting Castle is researching the military service of Eltings and their descendants, from the 1600s to present day, for a book to be published in 2002. If you are an Elting descendant and have served in the military, please complete this form and submit it on line, or you can print it and mail it to me with copies of documents or photos at the address listed above. Please copy the blank form and distribute it to all your Elting family members. If you have any questions, please contact me at the address above, or by email: GECastle@cluesonline.com.

Date of birth:      
Place of birth:
Gender: Male Female
Current phone:
E-Mail Address:   
City, State:
Zip code:
Father’s full name:
Living? Yes      No
Mother’s full name:
Living? Yes      No
Service Branch:
Other Branch:
Year enlisted:
Location enlisted:
Discharge date:      
Type of discharge:
Location discharged:
Discharge Rank:
War era:
(To select more than one, hold down CTRL while clicking your selection)

Special awards, medals, or commendations
(Please be as detailed as possible):
Describe your assignments, positions, rank etc.
(For example, infantryman, helicopter pilot, etc.)

I have a photo of myself in uniform and will mail a copy of it to you.   Yes       No

(Please do not send your original photos. A copy, such as Canon Color Copy, will work well even with black and white photos)

Additional Comments:

Please be sure all your information is complete 
and accurate before submitting it. Thanks!

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