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The Elting military history tribute book has been completed!

Since the mid-1600s, members of the extended Elting(e) family have helped to protect the United States, our liberties, and our ideals by contributing to the military efforts of the various government entities.

When the family genealogist, James W. Elting, prepared to release the latest edition of our genealogy records, Grace Elting Castle offered to prepare a chapter based on her research of Elting(e) military history.
Additional information poured in from family members and soon it became obvious that more than just a chapter was needed. Thus began a ten year search for more details of the family’s military contributions.

The resultant 224 page book, “Answering the Call! An Elting Military Tribute,” was released in December 2008. It includes stories and facts dating from Roelif Elting’s 1715 service in Capt. Nicholas Hoffman’s foot company for Kingston, NY to Sgt. Rod Wionowsky of California’s (U.S Army Reserves) second tour of duty in Iraq. There are some “surprises” including that General George Patton, Jr. of World War II fame was an Elting descendant, as were numerous Civil War Confederate soldiers in the Hite and Patton families. The book also includes descendants of Jan and Jacomyntje Eltinge who now carry such other surnames as France, Gilles, Greeley, Hasbrouck, Hillegas, Houghtaling, Howell, Kennoch, Ladue, LeFevre, Mitchell, Osterhoudt, Pattou, Peters, Schoonmaker, Smith, Snyder,
VanWagenen, Webb, Woolsey, Wright, Wygant, and Yandeau, Two soldiers, Debby (Elting) Fawver and Viola Elting, represent the Elting women who have served in the U.S military.

Included in the book are chapters on the early history of the family and of the village of New Paltz, N.Y, including some interesting details on slavery in the early years of the village. There is also a special section on a ship, General LeRoy Eltinge, with a brief history of its service, as well as interesting recollections from many who served, or were transported, on the ship.

A special section honors three men who served in a non-military capacity, but whose contributions to the history of the U.S was significant: Howard Elting who is credited with trying to warn the world of Hitler’s planned annihilation of the Jewish people; Victor M. Elting, who was one of the founders of the U.S Department of Justice’s domestic spy operation during the first World War; and Robert Eltinge Lasher, a Voice of America script writer and correspondent, who also saw foreign service with the U.S Information Service.

“Answering the Call! An Elting Military Tribute,” is available at the following Internet sites:


The author may be contacted at gecastle@cluesonline.com.

Brigadier General LeRoy Eltinge



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